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Wool Makalu

Wool with suede outsoles:
• These felted wool slippers have a suede outsole for indoor use
• Wool slippers possess good thermal characteristics of natural wool and the superior comfort and cushioning from our EnergySoles™
Handfelted wool from Nepal:
• The wool is hand-felted in Nepal, where Green Comfort has their production offices. The wool is felted gently in warm soapy water, which maintains the high content of lanolin in the wool-and it ensures that the wool does not itch or scratch and is easy to keep clean. Normally, the shoes are maintained by brushing and aeration, but they can easily withstand a hand-wash. Production takes place naturally without chemicals and synthetic substances and provides employment to a large number of people in the poor mountainous regions of Nepal
. Each pair is tagged with an embroidered signature, so you can see who has made your new wool shoes

Fair Trade:
• When you buy wool shoes from Wool by Green Comfort You support a sustainable and ethical production that obeys the 11 fundamental principles of Fair Trade

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