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The Red Pair Shoe Store was born in 2010. Named after the owner's two red-headed kids, she recognized the need in Rossland for a unique shoe shop to match the outdoorsy, active and fashionable lifestyle that exists here.  Through the years, The Red Pair has caught the attention of many tourists that are drawn to this funky town, and we have kept them as customers ever since.  The Red Pair's customers recognize the value of customer service along with high quality products.  Come see for your self this unique boutique shop with its'  "a bit different" styles.  You will draw attention everywhere you go with our shoes and handbags.  

Brand Spotlight: Blundstone

If I had to pick a shoe that is the epitome of the Kootenay's lifestyle, hands down it would be the Blundstone boot. Lucky us, it is fashionable at the moment; but fashion alone does not dictate this brand (or the people that live in the Kootenays), and this is why it has been with us for more than a century. 

Blundstone is an Australian company (head office is in Tasmania) and has been around since 1870.  Although this is a boot whose origins started off as a work boot, Blundstone has gone through fashion trends through out its life.  For me, Blundstone is my no-brainer footwear; if I am running out the door, no matter what I am wearing, no matter what season I can throw on my Blundstones, and I am not making any outfit mistakes.  I have been caught jogging in my Blundstones because I was caught up talking with someone while walking the dog, and was, once again, late for work!  It is waterproof, durable, and a comfortable fit.  We have the staff at The Grind Coffee shop in Rossland, who are working on concrete floors, all in Blundstone because of it comfort.

At The Red Pair we sell 6 styles of Blundstone, including the CSA approved steel toe, but any Blundstone that is available we can order in.  It usually takes about a week and a half, maybe two weeks to bring in if the supplier has stock.  Comment below if you own Blundstones, and let us know your thoughts! Love to hear from you.


Care of Leathers

Taking care of ones leather footwear can seem daunting but it does not have to be. What you need is some basic tools, and the discipline to make the caring of your footwear a routine. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much longer your footwear will last with monthly maintenance of your regularly worn shoes and boots. 

In The Red Pair we sell two different product lines for shoe care, Walter's and Tana.  I like Walter's because this is a Canadian business, and has a weather guard that is superior.  Tana has a great shoe stretch product that I recommend for footwear that needs some room to cure those pinchy shoes. ( I also just invested into a calf stretcher, so if you need a boot stretched out in either the instep or the calf, I now am able to do this for you. ) Both brands are excellent, and I would not hesitate to buy either.  Here is what I have in my shoe tool box at home:

Weather guard, neutral shoe polish, shoe conditioning cream, waterproofing, suede leather brush, leather and suede cleaner, and shoe stretch.

Weather guard can be used on all leathers, and even a lot of other fabrics (read the label of each individual companies product).  Weather guard sprays on the boot or shoe to protect against dirt, liquid spills, salt, snow, and rain.  It does not make your leathers waterproof though, I find that some customers believe that weather guards are a waterproofing system.  Weather guard, if used consistently (once a month is a good rule of thumb) will make your leathers water resistant (meaning walking in the rain will be ok, but jumping in puddles is not). To waterproof your footwear, you need products such as mink oil, Sno-seal and Nikwax.  These products will darken most leathers, so please if you do not want to change the colour of your footwear, be very cautious in using them, consider weather guard instead.  There may be a waterproofing systems out there that do not darken leather, but I am unaware of them.

Shoe polish keeps your leathers looking new longer.  They also help keep your leather shoes and handbags soft and supple, protecting them from cracking.  A shine sponge is a simple way to apply polish, and it takes a few moments to do this.  I have one shoe sponge just at the front door to buff out my boots and or shoes on my way out; then I do a deep conditioning once every two months.  Do not be afraid to do your suedes as well, unless the product you are using warns you not to.  If you are going to do suede, have a suede brush on hand too.  Suede need to be brushed after being conditioned. 

Waterproofing is a bigger process.  I carry Sno-seal in the shop (and can get liquid mink oil if you request it).  Waterproofing full grain leathers need a day.  The shoe needs to be completely dry.  I suggest to people that they put their shoes near a heat source over night (not too close, you do not want to dry out the leather or worst melt the sole).  Then when the leather is still warm, apply the waterproofing.  Dry leather will drink up quickly and in this case do not be stingy on the amount you put on.  After the boot dries out for at least a couple of hours you will notice residue left behind.  Just buff this out with a clean absorbent cloth (you can get shine cloths). 

Then there is shoe stretch.  If you have any footwear that is too narrow and or you need some extra room for your bunions, shoe stretch is a must.  Saturate the problem area, and wear the shoe while standing, or put in a shoe stretch.  This product works wonders!  You might have to use it a couple of times to get the desired stretch, and leather can have a bit of a memory.

Hope this helps!





Cute Shoes!

         Welcome to my blog #1.  My high school English teacher will not believe me when I tell her I am writing now, but to be honest this is not my first writing gig.  I once wrote for an online ski magazine, I handed off the torch to a local Rossland girl (Leah Evans) when it became too much for my hectic life (she has taken this gig well beyond what I had the energy for and now does “Girls do Ski” clinics, check her out!).  My point is that I will not completely embarrass myself with the academia type, and hopefully most will not notice my novice mistakes.  Now, let me begin my first topic.

         The Red Pair has seen many customers through the years: young, old, short, tall, men, women and my list can go on.  The one thing that most of these customers have in common is this; when they pick up a shoe (or most anything in the shop) if they like it, they say, “Oh this is so cute!”  I am a victim of this as well.  The reason why I say “victim” is because defining ones style should not be exclusive to “cute”.

         I have a lot people asking me for advise on what shoes to wear with an outfit, or they will say, “I have no style”.  I believe the first step in getting better acquainted with your style, or better feel for what looks good with what outfit is first defining the shoe.  Not all shoes are “cute”.  OK, the baby bogs in the store are cute, but there is not really a lot of adult shoes that are cute. Really, do you want to be cute as an adult?

         Each shoe has a personality. I love my rocker, bad girl, type of shoe and we carry plenty of that type, but there is a plethora of different personalities out there, just like people.  I challenge you to instead of saying a shoe is “cute” the next time you are out shoe shopping at The Red Pair (or anywhere) use different words for what is being reflected back to you: romantic, sturdy, sporty, uniform, earthy, bold, Victorian, fashion forward, urban, etc.  I believe if you are better able to give a clear description to a shoe the better able you will match it to what you are wearing or a look you are trying to achieve. 


That's it for this month’s blog!  If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see here, comment below!


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